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blue eyes


It seems as though nearly all my friends are migrating to Dreamwidth, so it looks like I'll have to do it as well because, after all, that's why I keep up with LJ. I do already have a DW account. I'm 'jacey' over there (not birdsedge). Please link to my DW account if you haven't already. I'm not 100% comfortable with DW, so I'll probably run both that account and this in tandem for a while at least.

As I type DW is migrating 154 weeks of LJ posts - yes, that's correct, it's 3 years since I last called in there and migrated posts over


I'll continue to see you on FB and here, for as long as you keep posting. I'm not going to Dreamwidth and in fact have deleted the account I created a few years ago when LJ's future looked uncertain.
It's the new Terms of Service that are the final straw for a lot of people. I have signed them because I wanted to keep crossposting here, but they aren't very 'friendly'
I understand why people are going, I just wish they weren't going to Dreamwidth. :(

Anyway, I see most people on Facebook, so it's not a disaster.
I haven't got used to dreamwidth yet, though I expect I will sooner or later. I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket, though. (At least, not at first.) I'll mirror to LJ and keep checking in to see what those folks are up to who haven't moved across.
Given your comments elsewhere about why you won't go to DreamWidth - one of the many reasons I'm not on FaceBook is that their attitude to hosting child pornography is summed up by what they did to BBC reporters earlier this year - when the reporters repeatedly asked "why are you hosting child porn?", Facebook ignored them and then eventually said, "we won't take it down or close the groups concerned unless you send us examples of the material you say is child porn" - and when the reporters did, FaceBook promptly reported them to the police for possessing child porn. So not only happy to host child porn (as in, pictures of real children, not just written word fiction), but actively threatening anyone who tries to expose those.
blue eyes

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