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Time Management

This is my first book contract, so I'm trying to pace myself. I gave my editor a deadline date of December for the rewrite on Book One, which is just about finished now, though I need to let it settle for a few days before compiling it in Scrivener and rereading it all in one lump to see if it hangs together. I'm hopeful I'll be able to deliver it by 10th. (Then, of course, there may be more rewrites, and still more.)

Then I've given myself four months to slog through the first draft of the second book. My deadline for this is August, so I'd like to have a workable first draft by April in order to let it rest for a while and redraft by the beginning of August. With Worldcon and Milford I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get any much writing done in August itself, so I'm aiming to deliver at the beginning of the month.

Does this sound hopelessly optimistic?


Catching up on my LJ and saw this; I think that's a realistic book delivery schedule, going on my experience to date. I try to divide the time I had into two halves, the first half being the first draft, then some sort of time away from it (sometimes only a week!), then back for the redraft. Of course YMMV.
That sounds like pretty much what I'm aiming for. Of course, there will probably be further requests for changes to the first one, so I'll have to factor that in, too. I'm hoping to have a real word-drive on the first draft of the second one during the last half of December and January. Let's see if I can manage something like the heroic NaNoWriMo wordcounts I have suceeded with in the past. I know I can do 50k words in 3 weeks, because I've done it before, but would they be words I wanted to keep?
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