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blue eyes

Movie of the Week: Gravity

Wow, despite not liking 3D, H and I decided to see this not only in 3D but at the Imax in Sheffield. Glad we had the Wednesday twofers, but even so it was fifteen quid with the 3D supplement and Imax prices. But it was well worth the money. Perhaps because of the size and proportion, the couple of 3D Imax movies I've seen have been much easier to watch than 3D on an ordinary sized screen.

This is a two-hander with Sandra Bullock playing the payload specialist on her first space mission and George Clooney the experienced pilot on his last. When when they are caught in a debris field from a satellite disintegration, the pair of them are left in a seemingly impossible get-out-of-this situation. The movie is all about what happens next. It's a linear story carried entirely by it's two excellent actors and the incredible third character - space itself. The conflict is in the human-versus-the environment scenario and if you think there's not enough plot to last for 91 minutes, then you'd be dead wrong. The time just flew by.

Only two actors appeared on screen (though there were some voices from Mission Control) however the art department and visual effects people were multitudinous. They did a fine job. It not only looked real, it felt real, too.

One of the best movies I've seen all year. Highly recommended. Go and see it while you still can.


A super film. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it.
blue eyes

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